Everyone has a story, a testimonial or simply put, an experience that put them in the trajectory that they are in today.  No one is alone.  I’m thankful to capture moments like these.  I’m thankful for the people who hear my story and also oblige to share a bit of their story with me.  A piece of advice to you: never be afraid to share your story, you’d be surprised with how many people share a common story with you.

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What are you THANKFUL For?

This year from my peers, family, and friends was a year of evolution and transformation. A lot of life milestones, marriages, new additions to families, new jobs, and pursuing personal passions take emphasis on the ones who went against the ordinary. There are specifically two trends that I would like to discuss and expand upon:


So the various people who participated in my one-question survey as a feature of this month expanded upon many things when it comes to this category. First off, the self-explanatory: life in itself. Be THANKFUL for making it through another day. Some of my responders are admiring life for just that simplicity or because their own life was tested this year (accidents, health, etc.) I personally was praying for one of my alma mater’s professors, Dr. Kristian H, at my graduate school of GWU, where her life was tested by a car accident with her dream Tesla, that put her in a coma and she almost lost her life. A graduate friend of mine recently got into an accident after relocating to pursue his doctorate in a state that is unfamiliar to him. Many of us take life for granted, while others wake up and the first regiment they do is pray thanking God for another day. However you view it, life should always be top priority every year in giving thanks, especially around the holidays. There is also another aspect of life that I would also fit into this category: addition to the families. Several of my responders answered by saying this year they are thankful for their growing family. Most of the people who answered this way are stating this because they had their first child, which can be a life milestone in itself. Whether you look at your own personal life or the life that you are creating, there is a general consensus that having another day on this earth holds some weight. Let’s also also have a moment of silence for the ones who lost their lives this year or who weren’t fortunate enough to make it on this earth.


This category encompasses so much!!! One of my responders explicitly stated ‘growth’ and I literally had my AHA moment as to the word I wanted to use to generalize all my responses. So in summary from the responses I received: graduation, new career/job, embarking on a new passion, committed relationships/marriage, new finances, and expansion of inner networks. What I can say from peers/colleagues/friends, the amount of JOY I have to see extra ventures/passions being pursued aside from what degree we obtained to have a career is MIND-boggling. It shows we know how to break glass ceilings, how to say NO, and also don’t walk in a fine line. And we are okay with it, which is what makes us so unique and with a IDGAF mentality that still allows us to live, love, and laugh. One shoutout (out of many) is my girl Erica F., who wrote her first free E-book Lucid, that encompasses life on so many levels. By reading her book you would have never known by education that she holds a Masters of Public Health degree in Global Health. Many marriages that have occurred and WILL occur for 2019. In a couple of hours I will embark to Jamaica to see my best friend from college marry the love of her life and not even a month after I will take off to Nigeria to marry the love of my life, soulmate and best friend Collins. Then there is the new finance sector that I will combine with a new career/job. Many of these have been obtained from graduating or advancing to a better job from promotion or job-seeking. All this to say 2020 who? If this was you in your season, you are preparing yourself for something GREATER as we enter the new year. Lastly, the expansion of your inner network. Need I say more? You know the saying, “Know your network, know your netWORTH?” (Or maybe I just made that up or reworded it differently, but you catch my gist). For the ones who aren’t utilizing this skill, adjust accordingly. It’s almost 2020. There is so much opportunity before us when we utilize this, and they do not have to be in your sector/industry. Try it, I promise it won’t hurt you.

A big THANK YOU for all participants of my survey. Your honesty and responses are greatly appreciated!!