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From White House Correspondent to now having her OWN seat at the table…Abby Phillip! Congratulations on being anchor of INSIDE Politics Sunday, an hour-long program featuring a panel of top-tier political analysts.

Abby Phillip

I remember watching CNN and glancing my eye when Abby Phillip appeared with other White House correspondents and was thinking at the back of my head, wow we have a new anchor and look at the diversity in correspondents on CNN. The diversity seems to be flourishing!

It felt refreshing to see Abby’s face along with Toluse Olorunnipa on CNN, as they both started at The Washington Post.

When I look at Abby’s journey to being an anchor of her own show on Sunday:

January 2020, Abby moderated CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Iowa

Abby anchored special coverage of Election Night in America surrounding the 2020 election

In January 2021, she anchored the CNN Special Report: Kamala Harris Making History about the Vice President’s barrier-breaking career and the childhood experiences that helped shape her to who she is now.

Abby contributed an immense amount of work with the Washington Post via being the general assignment reporter, writing on subjects related to the Trump administration, and covered the Obama White House for POLITICO as well as campaign finance and lobbying.

Abby first joined CNN in 2017 and has journeyed her way into the likelihood of the favorable correspondent/anchor of CNN. I wish her all the best and will continue to watch her as she grows in her career. Abby, you have not only given yourself a seat at the table, you’ve also made your own VIP table. Job well done. Bravo!

Abby is a native of Bowie, MD and a graduate from Harvard University in government studies.

To Follow Abby on Social Media:

Twitter & Instagram: @abbydphillip


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