Everyone has a story, a testimonial or simply put, an experience that put them in the trajectory that they are in today.  No one is alone.  I’m thankful to capture moments like these.  I’m thankful for the people who hear my story and also oblige to share a bit of their story with me.  A piece of advice to you: never be afraid to share your story, you’d be surprised with how many people share a common story with you.

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How has our community organizations been transparent in promotion of Mental Health in 2020

It is important in our community that we get support from our organizations, local and at-large, who emphasize and show their progress as they advocate towards mental health. 2020 has been hard with the current pandemic and recent events, but there has been several success stories towards mental health.

American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychiatric Association towards the end of the month of April (April 25-26, 2020) held a 2020 Spring Highlights Meeting, which had various speakers and experts who could discuss psychiatric disorders, mental health, and dealing with crisis. The actual presentations are still able to be watched and slides of the presentation are downloadable as access to this event were open to the public. You can access the presentations here.


ESPN did an excellent job for the month of May for Mental Health Awareness month by highlighting stories of key athletes, coaches, and sports figures to raise awareness. There is a superfluous list of influentials to mention. Some highlights are MLB pitcher Roy Halladay, NBA player Kevin Love, WNBA player Katie Lou Samuelson, college football coach Brent Guy, Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren, tennis player Noah Rubin, and many others.

Get inspired by many people’s stories, tragedies, and how they succumbed to mental health while they showcase how they constantly battle and fight their addiction or mental illness that could have had them ‘a rock in a hard place’. We will only get better when we share our stories, and ESPN does an excellent job of highlighting influential figures who are involved with the Sports & Entertainment sector to shed light on this issue. To view not only these stories, but to read more others, please visit their website.

United Nations

The United Nations launched the UN Policy Brief- COVID19 and the Need for Action for Mental Health. The brief also discusses and calls for action on mental health among populations fleeing violence and a warning from the Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development. To view the brief and document, view here.

A big THANK YOU to these organizations who continue to promote the effort of mental health!!

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