Wealth: Finding your inner-millionaire

I was inspired by one the people I follow on Instagram, my baby numba and soror Krystal who put up this post: “6 figures is only $274/day”.

I sat back and with that realization, and was pondering at the fact, some of you spend $200+ on shoes, extravagant dinners in one sitting, clothes, and the like. Some of you spend this amount even when you don’t have. Six figures sounds like a lot, but when you break it down into a daily rate, it sounds attainable.

This quote, which can be a reminder to us can bring a lot of inspiration. It also makes the dream more reachable when you learn how to break it down. If 6 figures sounds too big of a dream, lets work halfway….lets start at $137/day. This goal can be achieved by having side ventures and hobbies that can bring you residual income. What are some of your side hobbies? What could you do continuously without getting tired? What are your interests/passions? Figure these things out and seek advice on how you can build residual income from it, so that your goal of reaching $137, $274 or whatever limit you set can be reached on a daily basis.

Food for thought.