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I want to highlight my fellow entrepreneurs on this page highlighting and showcasing their craft.  Transparency through entrepreneurship is key to increase your netWORK and netWORTH.

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Jasmine, CEO of Jazzzd_UP

Hustle, Hustle,…..HUSTLE Hard is BACK!!! Everyone say hello to Ms. Jasmine F. ! CEO of Jazzzd_UP, your all-in-one Cosmetologist! I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine at a kickback and she is also the fiance of my SISTAHOOD brother Tairell. What can I say about Jasmine that I admire….she is simply calm, cool, and collected, something I would want in my cosmetologist. I conducted an interview Q&A with Ms. Jasmine and I’m glad I did. Go and book your appointment for your silk press, Knotless braids, passion twists and any protective hair style! You name it and she does it, also at an affordable price.

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Instagram: @jazzzd_up & @jazzi_belle



  1. Q: What is the name of your company/hustle? Is there a meaning behind the name?
    1. A: My brand name is JazzdUp. What that means to me is that I am simply adding to the beauty you already have.
  2. Q: What year was your company/hustle established?
    1. A: JazzdUp was established in February 2020. 2•3•21 marks 1 year since I’ve been back in the cosmetology field! I’ve been licensed for cosmetology since 1998 and licensed to teach cosmetology since 2012.
  3. Q: As a cosmetologist, what services do you offer to Star City: Harrisburg, PA?
    1. When I started doing hair again I didn’t want to put myself in a category but here I am specializing in natural hair and protective styling. Box braids, knotless braids, passion twist, faux locs, butterfly locs, crochet, feed-ins, traditional sew in weave, quick weave,ponytails, and silk press. I love natural hair, I care about your natural hair and I have growing hands!
  4. Q: With the hashtag, #JazzdUP, is that how you want your clients to feel after they get their hair styled? Has a client after their hair has been done ever told you, they don’t feel #JazzdUP? How did you handle it?
    1. Absolutely! That’s exactly how I want them to feel (JazzdUp) when they get up out of my chair. It warms my heart to see the smiles of my clients (I’m gonna start calling them Belles 🥰) when I spin the chair around to get that first look in the mirror.  Over the summer I had a client that felt partially JazzdUp because her hair did not look exactly like the picture she showed me. Where I went wrong (and I knew better) was assuming that the client considered the different factors (hair type, texture, color, density) she possessed versus the woman in the picture. So I took my “L” and gave her a discount and learned to fully communicate during the consultation and set better expectations. She was satisfied and I later saw a picture of her on social media looking happy with her new do’.
  5. Q: Who do you think is your biggest competitor with offering your cosmetology services?
    1. A: Biggest competitor?!?! Almost everybody in Harrisburg does hair! LoL We have so many talented stylists in the city and surrounding areas I am just grateful to be in good company! Especially with the ladies at Get Booked for the Look Salon in Steelton (that’s the salon I work at).
  6. Do you specialize in nails? If not, would you ever consider expanding your services to nails?
    1. A: I would not say that I specialize in nails but I do know how to do nails and could do pretty well if I put a concentration on it. I’m interested in being a one stop shop hair, makeup, nails…all a part of being JazzdUp!
  7. Do you offer braiding services?
    1. A: ABSOLUTELY! Ladies seem to love my knotless braids!
  8. Who is Shears Cosmetology School and where are they based? When did you become a teacher with them? What do you teach?
    1. A: Shears Cosmetology School is based in Carlisle, PA. I began teaching there in June of 2020. My very first class was the nail tech program. I’m proud to say 100% of my students graduated, and passed their state board exams and are licensed nail technicians! Currently I am teaching the senior cosmetology class. These students are working towards graduating. On the senior floor, I am teaching them in a salon-like environment. They take customers from the community so not only are they learning how to do hair on clients but they are learning how to run a salon. Every chance I get, I also go more in depth with black hair. They love it!
  9. Would you rather see yourself offering services beyond the state of PA or perfecting your craft within Star city? And Why?
    1. A:I do see myself offering services beyond the state of PA as my family and I would like to relocate. We don’t have a particular state in our cross hairs (we planned to travel to a few and see if we like it but stupid COVID happened) but I am definitely open to talking my talents somewhere! The beauty of being licensed in cosmetology is no matter where you go, somebody needs their hair done
Jasmine with her students at Shears Cosmetology Training

General TRANSPARENT Questions

  1. Have you ever felt in giving up on/in life? What was/is your biggest motivator?
    1. A: As with anyone, there are times we get overwhelmed, or bad things just seem to keep happening but we just have to be patient and trust in GOD that’s what I do. It took me a while to get to this point but my faith hasn’t let me down yet! Of course my family is my motivation and success is my motivation also.
  2. What is the piece of advice you would give others who are trying to achieve similar goals that you have accomplished?
    1. A: I left the cosmetology field because I wasn’t patient and didn’t trust the process of building my clientele and brand. I spent years breaking my neck to get ahead in the corporate world while ignoring the “I need to get back to hair” feeling and end up still not getting the end result I was looking for. I prayed, made the decision, took a leap of faith and came back to cosmetology and when I tell you everything fell right into place and is working out! I tell my students to follow their dreams, be patient, trust the process, and stay on the path that GOD has laid out for you. I’m still following my path and I’m extremely grateful to be doing what I love!
  3.  Who’s the celeb that you most admire? And why?
    1. A: Hmm I can’t say that there is a particular celebrity that I admire but I will say that I admire the ones that take their fame (after being a one hit wonder or after their TV show gets canceled for example) and flip it into other ventures to keep the wealth flowing. That’s really smart!
  4. Which celeb are you following/tracking the most on Instagram? What intrigues you the most about them and why?
    1. A:I have not been tracking a specific celebrity on IG but I recently have been following a bunch of law of attraction, affirmation and manifestation type pages which motivate me and keep me on a positive vibe. I also love all things hair, nails, makeup, fashion, and home decor.
  5. For people to get #JazzdUP, where and how can they reach you? (provide any and all platforms you feel comfortable with sharing)
    1. A: You can follow me/ DM me @jazzzd_up on IG and if you are interested in getting #JazzdUp book me online at
  6. Lastly, what does ‘Transparency Is Beautiful’ mean to you? How do you show your inner self to others? Do you consider yourself public or private?
    1. A: Transparency is beautiful means authentic real-ness. I have learned to become an open book. Ya never know, my story or experiences may help someone. Especially with me being a teacher, I always give my students the real, it gains trust. Being transparent with my clients provides them with great customer service and education on how to care for their hair in between salon visits.  I would say I’m pretty public as I’m pretty comfortable talking about my experiences (especially if it helps someone) and I tend to find humor in most things so it’s pretty entertaining at times. I am private as in I don’t post everything single thing that happens in my life on social media. Who cares!?! LoL

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