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Venchele Saint Dic, Founder Mesfami Care

Hustle, Hustle,…..HUSTLE Hard is BACK!!! I could not be more proud to feature this young lady who is founder of her organization that focuses on Mental Health, Venchele Saint Dic is someone you should be paying attention to this upcoming year and onward.  I was fortunate enough to meet face-to-face with Ms. Venchele and interview her to share her story and truth, while hopefully all readers become inspired through her transparency.  She is super talented, currently an MPH candidate expected to graduate next year, speaks 5 languages (wow!) and was born in the states but was raised and originally from Haiti.  Without further adieu, Mesfami Care by Venchele Saint Dic!!!

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  1. When was Mesfami Care founded?

Mesfami Care Inc was founded on August 26th 2018.

  1. How did Mesfami Care come about? What was the driving factor for making this non-profit organization?

Mesfami Care Inc. was created to address the lack of utilization of behavioral health services within the Black Diaspora in the United States. I thought about putting forth this passion project when my mother passed away. During this circumstance, it was a struggle to find access to behavioral health services provided by doctors of similar racial background. Therefore, the driving factor behind the nonprofit was to remove the access and utilization barriers by establishing a central platform where families could have access to unadvertised health services when they lose loved ones.

  1. What is your overall vision and goal for Mesfami Care in the near future?

My overall vision for Mesfami Care Inc. is for it to become a hybrid for other communities to create their own resource hubs that cater to the healthcare needs of families who live in vulnerable communities. My goal for Mesfami Care is for the organization to house programs that address these disparities in community across the United States and globally while providing a directory of health services in respective areas.

  1. What is the primary audience that Mesfami Care target?

The primary audiences of Mesfami Care are families with children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities and children.

  1. What regions/areas is Mesfami Care prevalent in? (state, cities, etc.).

Mesfami Care is in its preliminary growing phase and is based out of Gaithersburg MD.

  1. How would you define transparency? How has Mesfami Care been transparent for the people they serve?

I define transparency as the ability of being seen through unapologetically. In the context of Mesfami Care Inc. we are exercising transparency by unveiling the flaws of our society in providing adequate care to those whose voices are underrepresented when health programs are not present within communities in need. The ministry of Mesfami Care is to expose the vulnerabilities of populations that are not addressed in terms of wellness promotion and equity of care in the healthcare system.

  1. Have you had any obstacles that have deterred you from getting the message of Mesfami Care across?

The only obstacle that has deterred me in getting the message of Mesfami Care is releasing my expectations of the outcomes associated on the impact it will have on the lives of individuals. As I pointed in my article ‘Embracing the Hustle of Building a Business’, it is important to remain authentic in your self-promotion. Power and influence are illusions. There are no proven methods that can teach you how to be your best self. Patience and humility are key elements to strengthening and affording you the space and time to revisit, amplify or modify the purpose of your brand.

  1. How have you tackled those obstacles to continue to outreach in care?

In order to raise more awareness, I have engaged in other interviews where I mention the brand and reach out to those who ask me questions on the brand message of the organization. I am also in the works of creating a mini series talking about mental health and how we can bridge the gap in delivery of care using evidence-based research from other countries.

  1. How has mental health influenced and/or inspired you to continue work towards the progress of Mesfami Care?

Mental health has influenced me to continue work towards the progress of Mesfami Care because there is a lack of conversation around bereavement services to help families in research studies. Since the mission of Mesfami Care is designed to bridge the knowledge parity along these aspects, it is important for me to remember that promoting the message brings more visibility to these overarching issues.

  1. If there is one thing you want people to know about Mesfami Care, what is it?

Mesfami Care is a safe space for people to voice their opinions on how we improve the systems whose sole purpose to safeguard our health.

  1. Where do you see Mesfami Care in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I desire for Mesfami Care Inc to be a global network where thought leaders and communities alike can gather to find solutions to demystify the concept of talking about our mental health. The missing puzzle we will try to solve five years from now will be in five years “How do we morph health systems into safe spaces that ensures that individuals with mental health challenges?”

  1. Are there any people (mentors, celebs, etc) that you admire, who influenced you to launch and continue the work of Mesfami Care or who advocate for mental health in general?

One of the celebs I admire is Taraji P. Henson who has been vocal in her memoir and foundation about her father suffering from addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when he returned from the Vietnam War. She influences me everyday to pour into Mesfami Care or at least find ways to advocate messages on mental health that resonate with people. I have learned through Taraji P. Henson that mental health should not be excluded when we talk about our bodies. In fact, mental health should be considered as an integrated part from the same temple as a broken knee, a headache or a back pain.

  1. What do you like to do for fun?

I am a huge proponent of health fitness so I like to hike trails during my downtime, kick back with family and friends, travel, read and watch my favorite TV series Seinfeld and indulge in Shondaland. I am always on the lookout for new plays, concerts and restaurants to try in the city.

  1. How was mental health looked upon in the culture you were raised innand growing up?

I looked upon people with mental health with fear when I was growing up. As I reflect back on my childhood memories spent in Haiti, it always made me wonder why there was always a surplus of behavioral health providers but not enough clients who frequented these spaces. As I became immersed in my Master’s program, I understood that the profession in and of itself was stigmatized as well. Dealing with bouts of depression when my mother passed away, I learned that mental health is an equal opportunity employer. It can affect anyone at different stages of their lives. So, it is no coincidence that I think for change to occur, there needs to be a concerted effort from public health leaders to saturate the various strata of societies with normalizing talks on mental health in our communities.

  1. If there were a piece of advice for someone who is struggling with mental health, what advice would you give him or her?

The piece of advice I would give to someone with mental health is that you are enough and that you belong. You should never question your worth especially in a society where we are led to m a million ways to fit in with the common “seven steps to happiness” as temporary fixes in lieu of teaching us how to embrace our authentic selves. Stay encouraged and do not give up on yourself.

Venchele Saint Dic is the author of Journey to Redemption and Faith in the Amazon Best-selling book Passport to Self-Discovery Volume 2. She is the Founder of MESFAMI Care Inc on Facebook and on Instagram @Mesfami_CareInc. She has demonstrated leadership and innovation in public health, health equity, communications, public outreach, social inclusion and diversity, among many others.

Venchele is an experienced writer, editor and native French speaker with cognate education in Public Health. Her focus is to improve accessibility to health services while supporting education, economic empowerment and counseling as critical building blocks, which empower families to survive and thrive through life changing events. MESFAMI Care Inc. facilitates community institutions by voluntarily supporting families with the knowledge, skills and services required to survive in changing social, and economic environments.

Her past writing stories have been included on Harness Magazine, YMK The Creative Guru, Black News, The Minority Business Finance Scoop, The Above Ground Railroad, BlackOwnedandOperated, Greater Diversity News, Southeast Queens Scoop, BlackNewsZone, The Peace Corps Press Release, DMV Daily, BlackState, Thrive Global, Gratitude Circle, Medium, LinkedIn, and the newsletter of Peace Corps Senegal, Simmons College and Friends of the Library Montgomery County. Additional information on the nature of her work can be found on her Author profile at

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