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I want to highlight my fellow entrepreneurs on this page highlighting and showcasing their craft.  Transparency through entrepreneurship is key to increase your netWORK and netWORTH.

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Kristen Williams, Founder, Cre8 Gr8ness

Hustle, Hustle,…..HUSTLE Hard is BACK!!! Kristen Williams, how can I start? I officially got to know her my freshman year of high school in 2002 and she was apart of our close friend group who referred to as the ‘SISTAHOOD’.  The rest is HISTORY.  To know her is to love her.  For the month of August, I thought it would be only appropriate to interview someone close to home as she is now officially on the brinks of a ‘seasoned’ author with her upcoming book that will be launched this month, August 2020!! This will be her second book launch, titled ‘82’ (8-squared), since her first book ‘8’, which came out less than two years ago.  I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments and I hope you enjoy this 45-minute interview that I summarized and transcribed to show the personality of both Kristen and myself.  To review my published newsletter of Kristen and myself, you can kindly view here:

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Verbatim.  I am NOT Going to STOP.”


  1. When was 8 Founded? When did you find that you wanted to be an author?
    1. Kris: Well I always knew I wanted to write a book.  Let’s say 2013, I was writing a book originally called ‘Checkmate’. Always wanted to motivate. It was always a motivational book, but I hadn’t shaped the book in FULL. So let’s say August of 2017, I was talking to my friend and I was letting him know I wanted to put Checkmate back out, and I was like I need to change the situation and I want to put my book out and motivate, but I don’t know what to call it.  So we were brainstorming in his car one day after work of course, and he actually gave me ‘8’ because I was connected to 8…yadayadayada…. and I was telling him all the situations.  And he was like “well why won’t you just name it 8.” At THAT moment, it just truly clicked, like YEP, this is IT, that’s the BRAND. Cuz you know, me, high school…. always been screaming 8, always connected to it, 8/8/88 pushing to it because of my birthday. SO I’M ADDICTED TO THIS 8.  So eventually, I ran with it…and then that turned into cre8 Gr8ness, which then turned into 8 the book, and then it turned into 8-squared. It turned into some motivational speaking; I’m currently working on some workshops and expanding the brand.  I LOVE IT…. IT’S BEAUTIFUL.
    1. ME: So this guy, this friend of yours, what’s his name so we can give him a shout out when I type up this interview?
    1. Kris: Oh we can definitely give him a shout out…. his name is Franklin Williams from college.
    1. ME: Shout out to the hommies! Listen, college friends, friends in general.  They are NOT only with you through trials and tribulations cuz you got an A or a C or you failed the class, okay?  These people are with you through thick and thin.  So, Mr. FRANKLIN, thank you for creating her gr8ness.
    1. Kris: So I started writing and producing and everything, and it was supposed to drop on my birthday 8/8/18, but during the drop, that is the day that I lost mom.  So I had to push it back a bit, but I just took it as a sign that okay she will be guarding the brand, the message, and I have no choice now but to give it FULL THROTTLE.
    1. Me: Absolutely, so RIP Momma Williams, you are GREATLY missed. But if you knew how much Kristen talks about you, you will know that she is highly covered.  So yeah, we continue to strive in that direction.
First book, 8, which is sold on Amazon. You can purchase the book here.
  1. If you had to give yourself titles, give all your accolades, what would you give yourself?
    1. Kris: I would just give myself only one. I hate titles. I would say LOVER of LIFE. I feel everybody has a purpose. Whether you are the flight attendant or the CEO that has nothing to do with your purpose. So that’s irrelevant. I would say LOVER of LIFE because I truly genuinely hold on to my purpose and I try to give it back to people.
    2. Me: Cuz I was thinking also your profession, you being an author—
    3. Kris: NO, I hate titles. Regardless of what my profession is, like motivational speaker…. Michael Jackson icon… (Laughter)…. whatever…let me see what’s going on with your core.
    4. Me: Okay, so we would say my name is Kristen Williams and I’m LOVER of LIFE.
    5. Kris: PERIODT.
    6. Me: Periodt. What SHE said.
  2. What was your driving factor for all your current endeavors?
    1. Kris: As in the content? Like Cre8 your Gr8ness?
    2. Me: Yes
    3. Kris: The driving factor is that I’m big on vibrations and energy. And I see so many people, SETTLING. It just hurts me, because I know, being LOVER of LIFE and connected to Christ, that everyone has his or her own greatness inside of them. God was NOT selfish. So when I see people settle, do nothing, stick on the same job for 20 years unhappy, sit there, and answer the same calls, yadayadayada “let me transfer you to customer service”…. THAT JUST BLOWS ME. Because you have your own purpose that you are really afraid to tap into. It’s like, what legacy are you leaving behind? You are just building someone else’s. And, it’s kind of selfish not to leave your legacy behind. I felt it was my purpose to get everyone encouraged to drop their own legacy and motivate them. Everyone HAS IT.
  3. With this upcoming book, what is your overall vision and goal for 8-squared?
    1. Kris: My overall vision of 8-squared is to connect life-changing factors from my previous book ‘8’, to push individuals to let their legacy arrive. So basically I want to see and eliminate the 9-5s, and just advance the…. you know how everyone takes one step forward, but we can take the whole mile forward and country forward if everyone truly put their own greatness into this world. Like can you imagine the shift we would have? MY vision is to get everyone to recognize what he or she has to offer and have him or her put it into reality. Manifest it. Have the world eventually shift into its gr8ness.
Upcoming book, 8-squared which will launch August 2020, 82, which will launch August 2020.
  1. What would you say is the primary audience for 8, 8-squared, and just all your endeavors that are revolved around your current content? Do you have a certain age range? Do you want to cater to a certain group?
    1. Kris: Well 8 is strictly for my H-town hotties…
    2. Me: Okay… (Laughter)… what Megan The Stallion said. I might have to tag you into the interview girl.
    3. Kris: (Laughter)…. don’t write that. But in all seriousness…8 is REALLY for everyone. Even that newborn baby. This generation has now included where babies are reviewing toys and they can get the check on the YouTube channels. It’s just for everyone. It’s not discriminatory. But don’t get it twisted, it’s for everyone, but I’m really shifting it towards the CULTURE.
    4. Me: Okay, just for the culture?
    5. Kris: Exactly.
    6. Me: That’s very prevalent with what we are dealing with right now too, especially with our current events. For the CULTURE.
  2. I know you’ve touched on so many things. You’ve been able to sell your books in so many ways as you’ve used your platform of your current career in making a network and creating more awareness to 8 and this upcoming 8-squared. What would you say the areas or regions of the United States or around the world do you know you’ve outreached thus far within the short span of 2 years since you’ve created 8 and with 8-squared?
    1. Kris: To say the type of audience that I’ve reached, I would say it is pretty broad. Because my airline let me introduce the book in training, and now we are working on a workshop for the beginning of training to be incorporated with flight attendants. And you know flight attendants, and in-flights can be from all over, so…
    2. Me: Absolutely, so I would say worldwide.
    3. Kris: I would agree and say that too.

~~Me: So now we going more into depth. Now that we got to learn a little bit more about you…we warmed a little water a little bit…

Kris: We are warm…. (Laughter)

Me: (Laughter) Yeah, we are. (Laughter)…you know that’s right Kristen…..Now we are going to be a little more intimate based on the platform of my website, ‘Transparency is Beautiful’… I will just discuss some things and would love to receive your honest opinion on some topics…. ~~~


  1. Kristen, how would you define transparency? And then to Segway into that, how has Kristen Williams, the author OR 8 OR 8-squared been transparent for the people that you choose to serve with your book?
    1. Kris: Well… great question. So I would describe transparency as ‘see-through’, allowing people to see both sides. Being able to see through it. So how has 8 and me been transparent is by continuing to create gr8ness within myself. Of course I’m a flight attendant, but even just creating gr8ness about endless opportunities as well. When I try to just put my workshop within the airline, is how I try to cre8 gr8ness as I try to lead by example in being transparent as possible. It is not always easy, but of course it is endless as well. The new content about 8-squared is about leveling up, committing yourself and saying ‘I do’ to your gr8ness. Even through the concept of through ‘richer or poorer’ and things of that nature especially when initially starting your brand to not give up on yourself. You have to show everybody the ups and the downs. So I try to show everyone both sides, even this crash pad I’m living in…
    2. Me: Listen, you are over here doing it. You will have a lovely story to tell your children’s children, so….
    3. Kris: Chilllleeee, so. I believe that transparency is seeing through and I choose to show the ups and downs of creating endless opportunity.
  2. With 8, upcoming 8-squared, and as a newly found author, have you had any obstacles that have deterred you from getting the message across?
    1. Kris: Let’s talk about this stimulus check… {Laughter}
    2. Me: {Laughter}…. girl, I hear that. {Laughter}…JESUS!!…. Jesus…. {Laughter}…. thank you Jesus!
    3. Kris: {Laughter}…. the obstacles are crazy. I am a flight attendant, so my money comes from flying, and we are in a midst of a pandemic and nobody is really flying. So my money is short. So you know, I figure out things on the side. I’m not a stripper. {Laughter}
    4. Me: {Laughter}…. LORD, if all of Harrisburg found out Kristen was stripping. Wheww, chile!
    5. Kris: But I would say financial because you got to find investors. People are very hesitant to get you right in the beginning. The team, with everyone dealing with their personal battles, it can be very hard to build your team. What I will say is that it’s hard, but I’m not forcing anything. I feel that if it does not naturally connect, then I don’t need it here. There are a lot of obstacles, mainly financial. Especially putting out everything, with the website, etc…. ALL OF THAT costs money. Your startup money is EVERYTHING. So with that being said, it’s mine. It’s been given to me. I have to trust that it will be blessed so that I just keep going and as long as I find some way for it to be funded, and then I’m GOOD.
    6. Me: As long as it’s funded. So financial is probably the main obstacle, you would say?
    7. Kris: Right.
  3. Also with transparency, as you know my site is primarily revolved around mental health awareness just with my own personal battles and other people who choose to highlight and inspire. So my next question, you probably can relate or not, but you mentioned how you had to delay your book launch because around the time you initially wanted to launch, your mother passed on. How has mental health influenced, and or inspired you to continue to work towards the progress of 8, 8-squared, and any other future books?
    1. Kris: So I would say, my brother Matthew, he was mentally challenged.
    2. Me: Oh, okay, I did not know that.
    3. Kris: You probably met him earlier on. He’s the oldest of us. He left us. Umm, he didn’t pass away and go on to heaven, but he left us.
    4. Me: Oh, okay…. he’s still alive?
    5. Kris: Yes!!! So I grew up with a mentally challenged brother. So honestly, the experience in the household. There is no difference. I mean people would say, ‘slow’, but honestly he just learned a different way. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t view them any different than us. They all have their gr8ness as well. I’ve seen some mentally challenged people cre8 gr8ness, have businesses, etc. and that inspires me. I’m INSPIRED by them. Because we go through these obstacles of being ‘mentally challenged’ and ‘odd dog out’ and they are still letting their legacy arise.
    6. Me: And you feel that’s the thing that pushes you towards the continuance of your endeavors as well?
    7. Kris: Of course. Because it’s for EVERYBODY. It’s a thing that most people look at mentally challenged, autism, and similar setbacks as if they are unable to live a life. But it’s actually totally opposite. In actuality, they just learn differently. So for me, I truly get inspired by it. I am fully capable here to try and succeed. I don’t want to say if they can do it, that I can do it. But it’s very INSPIRING to see that they have ‘less than’ and they are still accomplishing and getting by.
    8. Me: And have you ever gone into a depression stage or other mental stages with the loss of your mom in the process of your book, or did it push you harder?
    9. Kris: It pushed me harder. If you had the privilege to know my mom, you would have to know her. She would have a riot, and would not have it any other way. I know for my first event that if my mom were alive, that she would have been front and center. Even with my dad, who was battling cancer. So my friend Kaylynn—
    10. Me: Yup, Kay Kay, KaySlay, you will get your shout out too… {Laughter}
    11. Kris: {Laughter} Yup, so Kaylynn and my DJ Mateen they brought my dad down to Philly. Girl, my dad was supposed to spend the night and all he brought was his toothbrush. And that was it. {Laughter}. And I said, well come on! My dad came to the first book launch and will be with us on the 7th for my birthday dinner.
    12. Me: Awww yess!!! So we will be able to laugh and maybe he will take a toast of champagne with us.
    13. Kris: He thinks all of you are absolutely crazy, but he enjoys ya’ll.
    14. Me: As long as he can laugh at us, then we are making his day a little bit brighter.
    15. Kris: So yes, my mental state definitely pushed me. Because I see my mom a whole lot. She’s a GO-GETTER. She’s a fighter. She adopted 13 of us. Like, what? She’s READY. So in essence, she just taught me to be ready myself.
  4. If there is just ONE thing that you want people to know about Kristen Williams, about book 8, upcoming book 8-squared, what is it? And WHY?
    1. Kris: Well one thing you NEED to know about me, is that…. verbatim…. VERBATIM…is I’m not going to stop. This is simply because, even with my books 8 and 8-squared, this is mainly why. I KNOW THAT OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS, and I know that everyone has a legacy. I will go to the grave pushing gr8ness out of people because it is just simply my purpose. I can’t stop.
    2. Me: Can’t STOP won’t STOP. Like Diddy said, chile!
    3. Kris: Can’t…. VERBATIM. {Laughter}
    4. Me: Verbatim. {Laughter}….
    5. Kris: I need those quotes in there…. and everything.
    6. Me: Oh yes. Verbatim, chile. I might even have to bold, italicize, and make the font even bigger {Laughter}. I will put it as a quote sis.
  5. Where do you want to see yourself, your books, your authorship in the next 5 years?
    1. Kris: In the next 5 years, I definitely want to be able to speak more because the object of these books is the content behind the message. So I want to be able to travel from country to country, state to state so that I could be able to impact more people by providing my message in the next 5 years. And I see that, CLAIMED in advance, verbatim. I see that for me. We have a message to deliver and I simply CAN’T STOP and WON’T STOP.
  6. Are there are any mentors, celebrities, people or anyone else that you admire, who have influenced you to continue the work of yourself or your endeavors, and/or who advocate for the things you like to do for fun?
    1. Kris: So this is going to sound so cliché. But it is my TRUTH. So of course my mom. So she raised 13 kids, and out of all those years, I’ve only seen her cry twice. I’m truly blessed and inspired. Matter of fact, I’ve seen her have a car accident with all of us in the car, go to work, cook dinner, and have the car fixed by 8 o’clock when it’s time for us to come home.
    2. Me: {Laughter}…. yes, that’s Momma Williams for you.
    3. Kris: {Laugher}. Yes! She was doing it. I am truly blessed and inspired to see her in her peak and working and everything. I also dare to say it, but I’m going to say it. Beyoncé. Beyoncé is so INSPIRING because just her whole story. From people in and out her initial groups, how she started out as a child and people saying no to her but with the encouragement of her mom and dad, and then later having the courage to eventually break out of the group to become an independent musician to then deliver out all her greatness. And the way that she still self-motivated herself. That woman, she just amazes me. I don’t think of Beyoncé as a higher being or a God, but I just feel like her strength, and everything she overcame, I just love me some B.
    4. Me: And her greatness really came out when she honestly went solo, which is the crazy thing. She was still prevalent and everything—
    5. Kris: She let her LEGACY arrive—
    6. Me: Yup, I remember that Pepsi-Cola commercial when people were speculating that Jay-Z were dating and she did it in them heels with those Dixie booty shorts, remember?
    7. Kris: Oh yeah, with that crisscross fall? Who thought? {Laughter}

~~Gisting about Jada Pinkett-Smith and August Alsina with entanglement, the rawness and authenticity of Jada as an interviewer with her Red Table Talk and how we admire her ‘unfiltered/transparency’, the unfiltered of Kristen, Kaylynn, and myself out of the SISTAHOOD, and just August Alsina as a person with attractiveness and being underrated as a musician and how good his music is.~~

  1. What do you like to do for fun?
    1. Kris: I like to see, taste, and do something I’ve never done before. I am an adventure seeker. First time things, ARE MY THING.
  2. If there is one piece of advice that you would give someone based off of how you lived your life?
    1. Kris: I would give homage to Nipsey Hussle, ‘The Great’ because the Marathon CONTINUES. I think nobody could have said it better. I love that. Anything, everything is going to happen…. but you have to KEEP GOING. The marathon continues and let your legacy arrive. That’s on PERIODT.

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