Celebs working towards mental health

This is a space to acknowledge celebrities who are fighting towards stigmas associated with mental health and combating ways to make mental health a less frequent issue.

Taraji P. Henson, a famous actress, known for her roles in many movies and TV series such as Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow, Think Like a Man, Hidden Figures, Empire, etc., continues to be an influential role model in the African American community and around the world.

In 2018, Taraji founded The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation in honor of her father, a Vietnam War Veteran, who suffered with mental health challenges as a result of his tour of duty.  The goal of the foundation is to change the perception of mental illness in the African-American community by encouraging people to get the help they need.  On June 7-9, 2019, Taraji held a successful conference and benefit dinner in Washington, DC that I still hear references of on my SiriusXM channels when they discuss celebs associated with philanthropy until this day.  The foundation ensures cultural competency in caring for African Americans who struggle from mental illness through scholarships and offering mental health services.  To visit her foundation’s site or to donate to the organization, please visit https://borislhensonfoundation.org .  Congratulations on all the work you do to improve mental health within our community!