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September- Lizzo

Melissa Viviane Jefferson who goes by the name of Lizzo, hails from Detroit, Michigan and has been taking this year by storm! She first started her studio album back in 2013, titled Lizzobangers.

At the age of 10, Lizzo and her family relocated to Houston, Texas, where she started her craft with music. From interviews I’ve read of Lizzo in the past, she had formed a musical group with her best friends in Houston at the age of 14. Along with Lizzo’s success also came hardships as she lived out of a car for a little over year after the death of her father, before relocating to Minneapolis, Minnesota to take her music so seriously.

Lizzo’s music caught my attention when I used to drive in my car in the past and her songs would play sporadically on SiriusXM, but Lizzo TRULY caught my attention at the most recent BET awards with her performance. LAWD, when she brought out the flute and performed in harmony with her song, I almost lost it!!! As a person who plays flute (and previously oboe), I took pride in her representing the woodwind family as she melodically illustrated her song. Lizzo is truly a performer and knows how to bring the crowd from out of their seat. Excited for this wonderful journey she has established for herself. The ‘Truth Hurts‘ star is currently No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a song that actually debuted in 2017. What an accomplishment! And it shows that perseverance has the overall say.

I came to learn also that Lizzo is a trained classical flutist from the University of Houston and an actress, aside from being a rapper/singer. Lizzo comes with many talents and teaches others how to self-love and embody the skin that they are in.

I admire Lizzo’s tenacity, confidence and multiplicity the most and I pray that she continues to bless others with her many talents.

The world is YOURS, continue to shine your light upon us all!

To follow Lizzo on social media and her platforms:

Twitter: @lizzo

Instagram: @lizzobeeating