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March/April- Elsa Majimbo

Bozoma Saint John

“It’s the AUDACITY for me.” -Elsa Majimbo

Where do I start?! I was introduced to this gem, also known as Elsa Majimbo one day in the beginning of October when I saw Shel’s instastory. My old hyena laugh that I was trained not to do in public growing up and I immediately go to her page to find more footage, etc. One of two things came to mind: 1)Why is she speaking to me so well in humor? and 2) Where has Elsa been all my life? She’s immediately best friend. By watching her videos, I knew Majimbo would be on the trajectory of stardom, even before the point of me running into her, Anderson Cooper was able to interview her. (WOW)

“Oouuuhh….it’s a PANDEMIC.” -Elsa Majimbo

I’m telling you we are Best Friends. To Elsa, someone who is authentically herself along with her hilarious videos.  You can feel offended and still laugh at the motive of the video.  Elsa Majimbo gained popularity through her pandemic videos but if you see her humor through previous videos, Majimbo has a wide range of humor and comedy.  Almost realistic.

Influencer. Go-GETTER. Role Model

Majimbo, who hails from Kenya has had the privilege of major influencers highlight her, that now she is an influencer herself! From Anderson Cooper to Rihanna….the world is hers!! I remember when she put me in her story for one of her clips that I found hilarious and shared on my page, just by her resharing my post, ehn. The amount of views that went on my page in that single day.  I couldn’t keep up, I felt as if my Instagram was going to crash, the messages friends were telling me that she reposted my post in her story, etc, I felt like a mini-celebrity that day.  Like seriously. WOW. Majimbo is the definition of a GO-Getter as she claims for what is to come.  From Rihanna being her best friend when she wasn’t getting the coverage she has now, to Rihanna reposting her reel?  And the fact that Majimbo continues to bring new footage day after day still chewing the same chips with the lopsided sunglasses with the same clothes, her authenticity is divine.  Her transparency is genuine.  Elsa Majimbo should be considered a role model for just being authentically herself, hair plaits and all.

BOSS Babe.

BOSS BABE. Valentino, FENTY, Teen VOGUE, GQ Entertainer of the YEAR….and PLENTY more to come. Over 2 million followers, 15x chess champion.  I love to see it all and I know this is not the end of Elsa Majimbo….it’s only the BEGINNING.

My words for Elsa: “JOB WELL DONE BEST FRIEND.”

“Not all heroes WEAR capes.”

-Elsa Majimbo

To Follow Elsa and her ventures on her social media platforms:

Instagram: @majimb.o



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