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June/July-Kendrick Sampson

Kendrick Sampson

Son. Actor. ACTIVST.

Kendrick Sampson never disappoints. I first noticed him in my infrequent watching of How To Get Away with Murder on ABC, but babbbayyyy did Kendrick stand out to me when he appeared on Season 3 of Insecure, as Nathan. A barber starting his own business, best guy friend with Andrew, nice almond caramel skin with hazel-bluish eyes, and beautiful facial features. Another eye candy to watch on the show.

Kendrick, a Houston, TX native, expressed his interest in acting in his early pre-teens. Some state as early as the age of 10. Kendrick’s film and television dates back as early as 2005, with the film Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story, and as of recent the role of Nathan on Insecure. In total, Mr. Kendrick has a total of 24 credits to date with inclusion of both film and television. On June 19, 2020, Kendrick’s most recent work will be debuted, Miss Juneteenth, that tells a story of a former beauty queen and single mom who prepares her rebellious teen daughter for the beauty pageant.

By Far, Kendrick (Nathan) & Issa have the most adventurous sex scene to-date on Insecure! That Coachella episode still has my mouth dropped!

Acting is not Mr. Sampson’s only natural talent. He’s an avid activist. So active as an activist that he has his own non-profit organization, entitled Build Power (#BLDPWR). The organization engages with athletes and entertainers to use their platform to advance radical social change and dismantle systemic oppression. In a June 2019 Teen Vogue interview, Kendrick goes on to describe his drive within his organization as I describe an excerpt from the interview here:

“I think that whatever privilege we have on this earth — whether it be the color of our skin or just male or straight or whatever — we’re supposed to use that to help liberate those who don’t have that privilege. I always have to think that there are so many people who don’t have the platform; a lot of them who are doing the work every day and don’t necessarily have the same protection of platform. I use my platform to liberate those in my community. We’re on this earth, and at the end of the day, I think it matters more. We can go through life and not do anything or we could do something. That’s pretty much it. We’re either complicit in oppression or we’re not.”

Kendrick continues to break barriers and open eyes to many on the issues that matter. One issue as of recent that brought my attention was shortly after he was injured in his peaceful protest on behalf of his organization and other BLM organizations within LA that quickly went violent, where he was hit I believe 7 times with rubber bullets and batons from the reckless police. Kendrick opened my eyes to the importance of DEFUNDING the police and using the allocations of monies to more important things that can improve the community (essential workers, hospitals, public transportation, education, prison reform, etc.). I never understood the concept until he brought it to my attention as result of how he was treated by the police that gained popularity shortly after it happened. Shortly after he spoke out, the city of Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered, vowed to dismantle their police and now other residents in other major cities are aiming towards that initiative as well, such as New York City, etc.

It’s these multi-faceted celebrities that we need to keep pushing for and supporting in any way we can. I’m so proud of the work that he is doing, continues to do, and fights on the sidelines for. It’s TO the people, FOR the people. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼

To Follow Kendrick Sampson and his ventures on his social media platforms:

Twitter & Instagram: @Kendrick38

Website: http://www.KendrickSampson.com

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