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August/September- Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John

African. Daughter. Mom. Influencer. Go-GETTER. Role Model. BOSS Babe.

Where do I start?! MUVA Bozoma, Bozoma,….BOZOMA!!! Seeing this woman constantly evolve and transcend into higher and higher greatness even when you think you can not go any higher is the depth of me!!! Her story is a true testimony, her ambition and drive shows why she holds the titles and accolades that she possesses and her vision is simply GOALS!!! I featured her recently on my blog post for her ‘Badass Workshop’ that consisted of 5 segments, which had it’s successful grand finale this past Saturday, August 22, 2020. Congratulations on all your success and all the gems 💎💎💎 that you continue to drop, teach, and enlighten the ones who want to open their ears to simply listen and internalize; hopefully to emulate.

African. Daughter. Mom

One thing I admire in anyone, are those who pay homage to themselves.  Some of the close ones refer to her as ‘Boz’ but we all infamously know her as Bozoma Saint John.  Bozoma always pays homage to the ancestors!! ALWAYS.  Not only that, whenever she talks about her upbringing, you will know by the end of story, she is a PROUD African, GHANIAN 🇬🇭 , who was raised primarily in the states out west in Colorado after returning from Ghana.  I believe Bozoma’s father is a reverend and former member of the Ghana army.  Her father also holds a Ph.D and both her parents continue to be her inspiration.  I always see her mom in pics on her Instagram and social media, and her mom is so gorgeous and probably a fun and dope grandmother.  I see where Bozoma gets her style from.

Let’s talk about titles!!!  Let’s not forget to add sister and wife in there.  Even though she is widowed to the late Peter Saint John (continue to rest in power 🙏🏾).  I know she also has three sisters.  I’m not sure if she has any brothers, but I enjoy seeing the bond that Bozoma exudes with her sisters, her family, and her close friends, both in the famous world and low key.  You underestimate Bozoma’s network until major events come up of noteworthy and respectable people through memory, deaths, or retrospect for life, and she can account for her own relationship with the person and the receipts to show it.  Bozoma is not a woman of clout, but more so of substance and through her accomplishments.  Bozoma is also the PROUD mother to daughter Lael, who continues to show you time and time again that she is a Bozoma prototype.  Her father is also the late Peter Saint John and when you look at Lael, you see a proper 50/50 mix from looks of her mother and father.  A beautiful soul indeed.  Bozoma is also very transparent in her journey to motherhood, as she also had a another child named Eve, who I believe was her first child, but unfortunately lost the child as result of a pregnancy complication called severe preeclampsia.  I’m sure no one wants to talk about the loss of their child, but Bozoma does it with grace; possibly in the hopes to remind and comfort herself while inspiring others to be transparent about themselves if they have also witnessed a similar loss.  No matter all her accomplishments as a mother to Lael, she continues to keep Eve and the memory of her first-born prevalent.  Many kudos for this.  Continue to rest well baby Eve 🙏🏾. 

Influencer. Go-GETTER. Role Model

When I first really paid attention attention to Bozoma Saint John, was when I read Elaine Welteroth’s NYT Bestseller, ‘More Than Enough’ in the 18th chapter entitled: Lemonade. Everyone has heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make LEMONADE,” they’ve heard of the album ‘Lemonade’ from Beyonce’s studio album, and any other concept that symbolizes making something out of nothing.  You give me some lemons, I’ll take some sugar in the raw, and some sparkling water, like a Perrier, and you just might get a Sanpellegrino out of me.  LOL.  This was the perfect chapter to introduce a Bozoma Saint John. Bozoma was one of the first that was introduced in this chapter as one of the female bosses that Elaine admired, a well-known Black female marketing executive.  Bozoma seems so personable and a person that you wish of an opportunity to step foot into her office and simply have a conversation.  Both Elaine and Bozoma had a relationship before Elaine was an editor at Teen Vogue and Bozoma as a chief marketing executive, but I loved the way Elaine describes Bozoma in their ‘pre-meeting’.  In the meeting, Elaine says and I quote, Boz schooled me with a boisterous belly laugh. ‘Girl, this is what White men have been doing on the golf course for decades.  Anything you need– and I meaning anything–you can call on me.” Elaine goes on to continue, “Rather than putting tiny white golf balls across sprawling green hills, we were doing a business kiki in her plush office, with fur throws, myrrh incense burning, and Jill Scott playing. Not only had I never been privy to a pre-meeting, I had never borne witness to a corporate powerhouse quite like her.” 

Bozoma was continuously described by Elaine as a charismatic, six-foot tall, dark-skinned Black woman…she wears red lipstick, long lashes, and her highest metallic open-toe heels to work on any given Tuesday.  Unapologetic about doing things her OWN way.  Every flashy long nail, every figure-hugging office look, every inch on her towering heels represented a head-to-toe embodiment of a woman enjoying the freedom of bringing her authentic self to work EVERY single day. If you get to learn Bozoma from afar as an avid fan like I have by just watching how she presents herself through her social media platforms, you will quickly agree that all these descriptions of Bozoma is not falsified.  She is truly an inspiration, unapologetic, unbothered, always trying to speak the truth and trying to help in any format that she can.  

Despite her many successes as in the Marketing Business, did you know that Bozoma almost chose her career in medicine and was accepted to medical school before she changed her whole trajectory into the marketing world? Self-sufficient and self-made.  From medicine to marketing.  Meaning Bozoma had to excel to an extent in the sciences in order to gain admission into medical school.  The woman has a brain, naturally.  You will find out that most Africans amongst other Diasporans are self-made, in the sense that if they were not blessed with the privilege of learning things, they adapted to learn on their own, making it easy to transition from one sector to the next.  The beauty of being born to immigrants and not allowing their future generations to become handicapped to the Western world and forget their upbringing.  I believe it was when Bozoma worked with Spike Lee, that Spike Lee hisself and Bozoma amongst others discovered her drive, creativity and ambition in the entertainment and marketing world that truly opened up new opportunity for her to choose the career of marketing and working for some of the best of the BEST companies to represent herself.  Hearing her personal story about her transition into the professional world continues to encourage me and is a kind reminder of you can be whomever you want and EXCEL as long as you are willing to put in the work and never forget who you are as a person.  Multi-faceted Bozoma.

From her #WatchMeWORK movement now to her Badass Workshop and more to COME, Bozoma continues to transcend the game of corporate in power, a woman, whom is BLACK.  

BOSS Babe.

From working with Spike Lee at Spike DDB, PepsiCo, Ashley Stewart, Beats which was later bought by Apple Music, Uber, Endeavor, and now Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix…CHAI!!! Her resume would want anybody to reel her in.  Can we say accomplished? And in such a little span of time? Recently, Netflix even brought back some of the most classic black sitcoms such as Moesha, The Game, Sister Sister, and many others.  I would like to think Bozoma had a part in expanding the brand and giving what the people want.  

With all her accomplishments, Bozoma is not selfish.  Instead she wants to share what she has learned through all her experiences to get her where she is right now.  I would like to think that I was a great referral to her Badass Workshop before it actually premiered, I wrote a blog post of Bozoma and her Badass Workshop, as she continues to bring us into her world.  Allowing us to share and be apart of greatness, for herself and our own.  I’m so grateful that in my lifetime, I’m able to have a role model BOSS babe such as Bozoma and super thankful that I was re-introduced to her as a person through reading Elaine’s book, ‘More Than Enough.’

“There’s nothing more badass than being who you are…I am a force of nature in fierce stilletos.”

-Bozoma Saint John

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-More Than Enough, by Elaine Welteroth (2019)

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