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July- Burna Boy

Burna Boy

“Tell ’em Africa we don tire…so HERE comes the AFRICAN GIANT.”

-Burna boy

Influencer. Go-GETTER. Role Model

Best International Act according to BET for 2019, 2020, and 2021.  Three years in a row and well deserved. For me, I heard bits and pieces from his ‘Redemption’ EP, but what really caught my ears was when he came out with ‘Ye’ in 2019.  The song  was so simple yet catchy from the beats to the words that was coming from his mouth.

Make I tell you straight,

YOU are not my MATE.

If you be commission

I be head of state.

-burna boy ‘ye’ (2019)

Then he came out with the album/EP ‘African Giant’, which was the ultimate tune from start to finish. Some of my favs from that album are African Giant, Dangote, Killin Dem (feat. Zlatan) and On the Low. There is too many to choose from. As I said the whole album is a true tune. I remember watching the 2020 BET Awards show and when I found out he won that award, I was elated. He deserved it, but then Burna Boy was nowhere to be found, however his lovely mom came to accept the award. Some people say he was probably outside smoking (HA!) but whatever he was doing, he was doing well as Diddy and countless others wanted to collab with Burna Boy.

Evalina dancing to ‘Ye’ by Burna Boy; Nigeria 2020 Independence party

Boss Man.

Then he came out with his 2020 album/EP entitled, Twice As Tall, which he collaborated with Diddy. ‘Onyeka’ is my favorite song off of that album followed by ‘Naughty By Nature’. Overall Burna Boy is an ultimate tune and he can make you dance, shoke, vibe out, or just have a true appreciation for Naija afrobeats that traveled all the way to Yankee and a touch down in U.K. just to patronize with the Queen. Burna Boy DID that and I’m extremely proud of his efforts and his charisma to come up with these tunes. Naija no fit carry LAST. Burna Boy is a prime example of this when it comes to music. Whether it’s his mother reminding all of us that we came from the motherland of Africa or Burna Boy teaching the BET Awards show a little bit of broken English, Burna Boy comes correct. He is a true artist who continues to educate, enlighten and entice you with his sweet tunes. This is why I chose Burna Boy to represent as the celeb TRANSPARENT of the month and it is well deserved. I should have featured him in 2019 when he won the best international act for the first time, but anyhow….CONGRATULATIONS TO BURNA BOY. The Boss Man.

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