How will you define your legacy?

How will you define your legacy? Many will denote their legacy by their personal accomplishments, while others categorize it by their philanthropic efforts to charities that they were either affiliated with or donate to. Most categorize their legacy by their familial roots through ancestors or their children, and their children’s children, etc. On behalf ofContinue reading “How will you define your legacy?”

Wealth: Finding your inner-millionaire

I was inspired by one the people I follow on Instagram, my baby numba and soror Krystal who put up this post: “6 figures is only $274/day”. I sat back and with that realization, and was pondering at the fact, some of you spend $200+ on shoes, extravagant dinners in one sitting, clothes, and theContinue reading “Wealth: Finding your inner-millionaire”

JOKER: a thriller with the depiction of mental illness

This past weekend I went with my cousins to go see the movie, Joker, a highly anticipated and well-reviewed thriller/drama. At first, based off of the image of the movie release and my prior knowledge of the role of the Joker from Batman movies, I instantly thought that the movie would depict horror all through.Continue reading “JOKER: a thriller with the depiction of mental illness”

Transparency in Relationships… where do we draw the line??

This most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has sparked controversy and conversation primarily on my Instagram with people I follow and my followers I gist with. I’m rooting for every couple to succeed, and it is harder when couples sort out their differences amongst themselves, but becomes more difficult when its showcasedContinue reading “Transparency in Relationships… where do we draw the line??”

Does perpetrators of mass shootings = more mental institutions???

Within the past month, we dealt with back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, and near Odessa, TX. In February of 2018, when we dealt with the Parkland High School shooting that left 17 people dead, Donald Trump quickly turned his thoughts to creating more mental institutions. That was his solution to theContinue reading “Does perpetrators of mass shootings = more mental institutions???”

I’m ‘LOCKED’ Up, {they} won’t let {us} OUT: The issue on Immigration, Detention Centers, and the bylaw of ‘one nation, under ALL’

According to the LA Times, there are two core elements of Trump’s administration’s policies and actions governing immigrants: There is a strong desire to limit new residents from abroad There is a blind disregard for whatever cruelty might be inflicted in service of that goal The overall message being broadcasted to families primarily in CentralContinue reading “I’m ‘LOCKED’ Up, {they} won’t let {us} OUT: The issue on Immigration, Detention Centers, and the bylaw of ‘one nation, under ALL’”

The Birther Issue…here we go again…

I thought I would not have to discuss this in 2019, but here we go again… Towards the end of June, politics took a return to something that some people may have thought we would not revisit… The ‘Birther’ Issue The term ‘birtherism’ is defined as the idea that Obama was not born in theContinue reading “The Birther Issue…here we go again…”

Kyle Dendy: A Calling From God

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, we had a special guest visitor who was invited by our youth pastor, Minister Trey DuPont. This guest speaker goes by the name of Kyle Dendy. A young black male, probably in his early to mid 20s and starts off his speaking engagement with spoken word. I was enthused byContinue reading “Kyle Dendy: A Calling From God”

Year of Reflection: Hello 30

Year of 30, Year of Self-Reflection Cheers to another decade of life! Late March, March 27th to be specific, I turned 30 years of age.  Many people who know me, know I LOVE to travel and am an extrovert.  However, this time I wanted to do something different.  I wanted to travel by myself, IContinue reading “Year of Reflection: Hello 30”

Positive Affirmations: Something to LIVE by

How do you start off your day?  Do you wake up and immediately go into prayer mode, thankful for another day? Is there a specific morning ritual you do before starting your day (clean, cook, exercise, meditate, etc.)? Do you start off the day with your morning devotional? If none of the above, I wouldContinue reading “Positive Affirmations: Something to LIVE by”