Knowing our HERstory: Sarah Baartman

The black female body still comes with a negative connotation. Many degrade it through music videos, while most of us embody our curves, skinny or thick, and females of all races continuously try to emulate features that the Black Female naturally embodies whether it’s our lips, the size of our breasts or buttocks. Sarah Baartman is one that every Black girl should learn about….the HERstory of exploitation, the story of plight, triumph, and the view of the Black Woman from the Westernized world. Here is Venus Hottentot.

America: Our SAD reality

I don’t know how many times we can express our frustration and remain humble at the same time. It’s not even been two complete months since my Black bodies article and again we are dealing with another severe form of police brutality. Fortunately, Jacob Blake did not lose his life, but now because of theContinue reading “America: Our SAD reality”

“MOMMA I made IT!”…in every format Yvonne Orji

Momma she made it!! From initially pursuing the field of medicine and public health to following her passions and dreams in the world of entertainment as an actress, comedian, and soon-to-be author! My simple review of Yvonne’s HBO comedy documentary….

From tomfoolery to a CHANGEMAKER: NASO clothing by Uyi Omorogbe

We need to acknowledge people who use their craft to change the world. Uyi makes people laugh with the tomfoolery of his impromptu behavior with his African dad that he shares with the world, but the real movement is how he is building schools with the funds he makes from his fashion designs in Africa. Way to give back.